Ekran Alıntısı ingilizce 1

If you want to be a successful student, ............ and use your time carefully.
Doğru Cevap: "C" make a plan
Soru Açıklaması
Teacher: Who built the Blue Mosque?

Student: Mehmet Aga.

Teacher: ________ did the construction take?

Student:  For 7 years.
Doğru Cevap: "B" How long
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Öznur : My sister Özlem never tidies up our bedroom and I don’t like it. What should I do? Rose : In my view, ............ and give her a chance.
Doğru Cevap: "B" you should talk to her about it
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Selen : I’ve made a chocolate cake. Would you like some?
John : ............ I don’t like chocolate.
Doğru Cevap: "D" No, thank you.
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Tuğçe : I’m in a hurry. ............
Lisa : Sure! Where do you want to go?
Doğru Cevap: "C" Can you give me a lift?
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Cem : What are your future plans?
Tom : ............
Doğru Cevap: "B" I’d like to work as an engineer.
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Yukarıdaki tabloda hangi iki başlık yer değiştirse sorun çözülmüş olur?
Doğru Cevap: "C" III-V.
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Selçuk : What about going to the theatre?
Mary : ............
Doğru Cevap: "A" It sounds great.
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9- Jack _________________
Doğru Cevap: "D" has accounts on social networks
Soru Açıklaması
Which one is false?
Doğru Cevap: "A" Sue is an internet addict
Soru Açıklaması

I prefer rafting to canoeing because it’s _____ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" more challenging
Soru Açıklaması

Doğru Cevap: "A" Betül likes working in a group.
Soru Açıklaması
I had a very good time in Ankara last week. First, I visited Anıtkabir and I went to a shopping centre on Monday evening. On Tuesday, I had lunch with my friends. We took a lot of photos there. On Wednesday, I went to the theatre and I turned back to İzmir.
Verilen metne göre Cemre aşağıdakilerden hangisini yapmamıştır?

Ekran Alıntısı ing 4

(Cevabı aşağıdaki şıklardan seçiniz)
Doğru Cevap: "D"
Soru Açıklaması
I went to Paris last year. It was the most exciting vacation I’ve ever had. I stayed in a bed and breakfast hotel and the weather was warm and sunny.

Yukarıdaki paragrafta aşağıdaki sorulardan hangisinin cevabı yoktur?
Doğru Cevap: "C" Did you taste any local food?
Soru Açıklaması
Jessica : How do you usually ………… with your buddies?

Henry :  We usually make phone calls.
Doğru Cevap: "D" keep in touch
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16 ve 17. Soruları aşağıdaki sesli mesaj kutularına göre cevaplayınız.

Jane invites her classmates to a tea party and her friends leave voicemails to reply her invitation.

 Ekran Alıntısı ing 5

Who accepts the invitation for the party?
Doğru Cevap: "D" Tina & Rose
Soru Açıklaması
Which one is TRUE according to voicemails?
Doğru Cevap: "B" Rose offers to bring some food.
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18,19 ve 20. Soruları parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

Hi, I’m Sabrina. I live in a flat with my husband, Aydın and with my children. In my family, I have many responsibilities to do. It’s hard to do most chores at home. In the mornings, I set the table and make the beds. I do most of the housework alone. My son, Utku only helps me cook dinner and take out the garbage but her sister, Ollie can’t stand her duties such as feeding her pet bird and watering the plants. My husband only pays the bills but he does not like it, either. I hope we will share the chores one day, cause sharing makes tasks easier.

Sabrina ---------
Doğru Cevap: "D" wants to share the chores
Soru Açıklaması
Which one is FALSE according to the text ?

Doğru Cevap: "A" Utku doesn’t help her mother with the chores.
Soru Açıklaması
Aydın -----------------

Doğru Cevap: "C" is responsible for money issues.
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